the belfords │ family portraits │ seattle, wa

baby bodhi │ family portraits │ seattle, wa

baby sally │ family portraits │ seattle, wa

tin + tj │ engagement │ snoqualmie pass, wa

rebecca + eric │ engagement │ snoqualmie pass, wa

Sharing a beautiful winter session during the middle of summer! This couple is so amazing and I’m thankful for our fun winter adventure back in February. If you know me, and my ski bumb mentality, I’m already thinking of winter, and hoping + dreaming for ski season again. Let’s all do our part so we can enjoy the slopes once snow comes!



robin + giulia │ seattle, wa

On March 7th, I had the honor of capturing Robin and Giulia’s beautiful elopement on Lake Union. As I usually do,  I packed my day in tight! I had their wedding and a Sounders game, back to back. The last home Sounders match of the year thus far. Just a few days later, the country shut down. I look back at this day a lot during these times because it brings me so much joy. We didn’t know what was to come, or where it would go, but every person on that boat was there to celebrate love, together. I hope we can one day have these close quarters with loved ones again, but for now, please wear a mask.



tri + asher │ canlis │ seattle, wa

Tri and Asher’s wedding feels so long ago. Back in February, these two lovebirds tied the knot at the incredible Canlis. It’s amazing to relive this day! So much love, support, admiration and community! I’m very thankful to have captured this special day.

Shout-out to Canlis! You have taken on one of the biggest obstacles with grace, creativity, imagination and positivity. Our community is grateful for you!



sybil + drea │ seattle, wa

Before Covid-19 kicked in, I was blessed. I was blessed to reunite with a friend and capture her love story. I was blessed to be part of a beautiful, special day. It’s officially June, (happy Pride ya’ll) and we are admist a revoltion. I’m so thankful to have an incredibly diverse, and inclusive community in my personal and business life. This matters. I continue to strive to empower my community, and push the diversity as a priority.  Thank you Sybil and Drea for being 100% authentic, and soooo in love!


alyssa + fam │ family portraits │ seattle, wa

jilyne + jack │ family portraits │ seattle, wa