naomi + family │ portraits

I’ve said it many times, but I’ll say it again! Reuniting with my clients as their family grows is one of my most cherished and special aspects of doing photography. During this shoot I got to reunite with the Lynn Family, whom I’ve worked with a couple times before. Their new addition, Naomi, made it just the right time to reunite again! So excited for this fam clan! Wishing them all the best!

LynnFamily-2 LynnFamily-3 LynnFamily-5

LynnFamily-11 LynnFamily-13 LynnFamily-16 LynnFamily-20 LynnFamily-23 LynnFamily-25 LynnFamily-30 LynnFamily-40 LynnFamily-41 LynnFamily-43 LynnFamily-44 LynnFamily-53 LynnFamily-57 LynnFamily-61 LynnFamily-63 LynnFamily-68 LynnFamily-75 LynnFamily-78 LynnFamily-81 LynnFamily-86 LynnFamily-89 LynnFamily-92 LynnFamily-97 LynnFamily-100 LynnFamily-105 LynnFamily-107 LynnFamily-111 LynnFamily-115 LynnFamily-118 LynnFamily-120 LynnFamily-121 LynnFamily-124 LynnFamily-128 LynnFamily-130 LynnFamily-131 LynnFamily-136 LynnFamily-139 LynnFamily-141 LynnFamily-148 LynnFamily-156 LynnFamily-163 LynnFamily-165

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