kristen + ryan │ maternity photos │ mt. vernon, wa

Summer light at its Finest.

My dear friends Ryan and Kristen were so easy to work with for their maternity shoot back in July. The weather, the light, and the subjects were amazing = ). We wandered around Mt. Vernon and were blessed with some killer light.

I’m so grateful to capture such special moments for me friends and clients, as their family grows. Wishing them and their new addition, all the best!

ScallyFam1-3ScallyFam1-5-2 ScallyFam1-13ScallyFam1-14-2 ScallyFam1-26 ScallyFam1-39 ScallyFam1-51-2ScallyFam1-65ScallyFam1-70-2

ScallyFam1-69 ScallyFam1-85 ScallyFam1-90 ScallyFam1-93 ScallyFam1-97 ScallyFam1-102 ScallyFam1-111 ScallyFam1-113ScallyFam1-115-2 ScallyFam1-125ScallyFam1-127-2ScallyFam1-136-2 ScallyFam1-146 ScallyFam1-148 ScallyFam1-152 ScallyFam1-162 ScallyFam1-178 ScallyFam1-188ScallyFam1-192-2 ScallyFam1-200 ScallyFam1-205 ScallyFam1-210 ScallyFam1-217 ScallyFam1-219ScallyFam1-220-2 ScallyFam1-226 ScallyFam1-231 ScallyFam1-239 ScallyFam1-246 ScallyFam1-247 ScallyFam1-251 ScallyFam1-254 ScallyFam1-259 ScallyFam1-262 ScallyFam1-263 ScallyFam1-268 ScallyFam1-271 ScallyFam1-274 ScallyFam1-277 ScallyFam1-280 ScallyFam1-282 ScallyFam1-286 ScallyFam1-291 ScallyFam1-292 ScallyFam1-294 ScallyFam1-297 ScallyFam1-299 ScallyFam1-303 ScallyFam1-304 ScallyFam1-307ScallyFam1-311-2

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