I’m always up for something new, and combining my passion for fitness and portraits was super exciting for me. Robin reached out this past January about getting some head shots and portraits to submit for a sports modeling agency. My friend and kick ass photographer Steve Schmidt and I collaborated to make this shoot happen. I could post so many images from this ssession, because Robin made everything look good.. and easy! Enjoy!

Robin-2 Robin-5 Robin-8 Robin-9 Robin-12 Robin-14

Robin-18 Robin-33 Robin-42 Robin-46 Robin-53 Robin-56 Robin-60 Robin-62 Robin-72 Robin-77Robin-80-2 Robin-89 Robin-94 Robin-98 Robin-100-2Robin-111Robin-113-2 Robin-124 Robin-136 Robin-142 Robin-146 Robin-150 Robin-166 Robin-182 Robin-187 Robin-193 Robin-211 Robin-212 Robin-226 Robin-227 Robin-234 Robin-238Robin-240-2Robin-244 Robin-248 Robin-258 Robin-263 Robin-268 Robin-272 Robin-274 Robin-294 Robin-300

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