janna + ryan │ portraits │ snohomish, wa

Slowly catching up  on blogging some shoots from last year, 2014 was such a busy and fun one!

I had such a wonderful time reuniting with these two lovebirds last July. Their pups were so fun to play with and it was a gorgeous day out on Lake Roesiger, near Monroe.
To say how thankful I am for my clients– is an understatement.
Go Hawks!

JannaandRyan-3 JannaandRyan-4 JannaandRyan-5 JannaandRyan-8 JannaandRyan-12 JannaandRyan-15

JannaandRyan-17 JannaandRyan-18 JannaandRyan-21 JannaandRyan-24 JannaandRyan-26 JannaandRyan-30 JannaandRyan-31 JannaandRyan-34 JannaandRyan-36 JannaandRyan-39 JannaandRyan-40 JannaandRyan-44 JannaandRyan-48 JannaandRyan-50 JannaandRyan-54 JannaandRyan-56 JannaandRyan-58 JannaandRyan-64 JannaandRyan-66 JannaandRyan-67 JannaandRyan-69 JannaandRyan-72 JannaandRyan-73 JannaandRyan-77 JannaandRyan-79 JannaandRyan-82 JannaandRyan-84 JannaandRyan-87 JannaandRyan-91 JannaandRyan-93 JannaandRyan-96 JannaandRyan-99 JannaandRyan-100 JannaandRyan-103 JannaandRyan-105 JannaandRyan-109

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