hanna + richard = engaged │ engagement │ bellevue, wa

Richard and I have been friends for over 10 years now, and it was so special to be able to photograph him and Hanna for a quick engagement session in a park where he grew up. They both live in Norway now, and it was great timing to sneak in a shoot before they flew back. Congrats you two!!

RichardandHannahEngaged-1 RichardandHannahEngaged-2 RichardandHannahEngaged-6 RichardandHannahEngaged-11 RichardandHannahEngaged-18

RichardandHannahEngaged-20 RichardandHannahEngaged-23 RichardandHannahEngaged-30 RichardandHannahEngaged-34 RichardandHannahEngaged-38 RichardandHannahEngaged-42 RichardandHannahEngaged-47 RichardandHannahEngaged-50 RichardandHannahEngaged-54 RichardandHannahEngaged-60 RichardandHannahEngaged-62 RichardandHannahEngaged-67 RichardandHannahEngaged-68 RichardandHannahEngaged-71 RichardandHannahEngaged-76 RichardandHannahEngaged-84 RichardandHannahEngaged-86 RichardandHannahEngaged-90 RichardandHannahEngaged-95 RichardandHannahEngaged-99 RichardandHannahEngaged-101 RichardandHannahEngaged-104 RichardandHannahEngaged-107 RichardandHannahEngaged-111 RichardandHannahEngaged-113 RichardandHannahEngaged-117

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