joan + nate │ engagement │ pike place market \\ seattle waterfront

What a gorgeous May day we had with Joan and Nate! Seattle + Sunshine is amazing. I can’t get enough!
I also can’t wait for this couple’s big day in July!

JoanandNateEngaged-1 JoanandNateEngaged-4 JoanandNateEngaged-11 JoanandNateEngaged-17 JoanandNateEngaged-21 JoanandNateEngaged-27 JoanandNateEngaged-35

JoanandNateEngaged-48 JoanandNateEngaged-52 JoanandNateEngaged-60 JoanandNateEngaged-63 JoanandNateEngaged-66 JoanandNateEngaged-68 JoanandNateEngaged-72 JoanandNateEngaged-84 JoanandNateEngaged-91 JoanandNateEngaged-93 JoanandNateEngaged-101 JoanandNateEngaged-114 JoanandNateEngaged-117 JoanandNateEngaged-122 JoanandNateEngaged-125 JoanandNateEngaged-127 JoanandNateEngaged-139 JoanandNateEngaged-152 JoanandNateEngaged-155 JoanandNateEngaged-160 JoanandNateEngaged-163 JoanandNateEngaged-167 JoanandNateEngaged-169 JoanandNateEngaged-174 JoanandNateEngaged-177 JoanandNateEngaged-182 JoanandNateEngaged-187 JoanandNateEngaged-189 JoanandNateEngaged-197 JoanandNateEngaged-200 JoanandNateEngaged-201 JoanandNateEngaged-204 JoanandNateEngaged-209

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