alyse + kian │ engagement │ marymoor park, redmond, wa

I had so much fun wandering around Marymoor Park with these two, can’t wait for their special day next April!!

KianandAlyseEngaged-2 KianandAlyseEngaged-7 KianandAlyseEngaged-14 KianandAlyseEngaged-26 KianandAlyseEngaged-42 KianandAlyseEngaged-50

KianandAlyseEngaged-59 KianandAlyseEngaged-71 KianandAlyseEngaged-73 KianandAlyseEngaged-82 KianandAlyseEngaged-85 KianandAlyseEngaged-89 KianandAlyseEngaged-95 KianandAlyseEngaged-100 KianandAlyseEngaged-107 KianandAlyseEngaged-110 KianandAlyseEngaged-120 KianandAlyseEngaged-125 KianandAlyseEngaged-137 KianandAlyseEngaged-146 KianandAlyseEngaged-156 KianandAlyseEngaged-162 KianandAlyseEngaged-170 KianandAlyseEngaged-178 KianandAlyseEngaged-184 KianandAlyseEngaged-189 KianandAlyseEngaged-204 KianandAlyseEngaged-214 KianandAlyseEngaged-218 KianandAlyseEngaged-223 KianandAlyseEngaged-227 KianandAlyseEngaged-232 KianandAlyseEngaged-236 KianandAlyseEngaged-242 KianandAlyseEngaged-248 KianandAlyseEngaged-258 KianandAlyseEngaged-266 KianandAlyseEngaged-272 KianandAlyseEngaged-281 KianandAlyseEngaged-286 KianandAlyseEngaged-289 KianandAlyseEngaged-294 KianandAlyseEngaged-298

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