reagan + rudy │ engagement │ seattle, wa

These two lovebirds are such a blast!

Can’t wait for their big day in just a few weeks!!

ReaganandRudyEngaged-5 ReaganandRudyEngaged-12 ReaganandRudyEngaged-17 ReaganandRudyEngaged-26 ReaganandRudyEngaged-31

ReaganandRudyEngaged-41 ReaganandRudyEngaged-47 ReaganandRudyEngaged-53 ReaganandRudyEngaged-61 ReaganandRudyEngaged-74 ReaganandRudyEngaged-80 ReaganandRudyEngaged-86 ReaganandRudyEngaged-92 ReaganandRudyEngaged-96 ReaganandRudyEngaged-102 ReaganandRudyEngaged-114 ReaganandRudyEngaged-120 ReaganandRudyEngaged-130 ReaganandRudyEngaged-135 ReaganandRudyEngaged-143 ReaganandRudyEngaged-151 ReaganandRudyEngaged-155 ReaganandRudyEngaged-163 ReaganandRudyEngaged-167 ReaganandRudyEngaged-175 ReaganandRudyEngaged-190 ReaganandRudyEngaged-193 ReaganandRudyEngaged-197 ReaganandRudyEngaged-207 ReaganandRudyEngaged-211 ReaganandRudyEngaged-215 ReaganandRudyEngaged-223 ReaganandRudyEngaged-226 ReaganandRudyEngaged-233 ReaganandRudyEngaged-234 ReaganandRudyEngaged-241 ReaganandRudyEngaged-245 ReaganandRudyEngaged-247


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