Seattle Reign FC vs. University of Washington // 04.03.2014

Seattle Reign FC topped the UW Huskies 5-0 during their first preseason match of the year.
140403_SR_UW-4 140403_SR_UW-5 140403_SR_UW-7 140403_SR_UW-9 140403_SR_UW-16 140403_SR_UW-18

140403_SR_UW-20 140403_SR_UW-21 140403_SR_UW-26 140403_SR_UW-28 140403_SR_UW-36 140403_SR_UW-38 140403_SR_UW-40 140403_SR_UW-42 140403_SR_UW-47 140403_SR_UW-48 140403_SR_UW-50 140403_SR_UW-51 140403_SR_UW-52 140403_SR_UW-54 140403_SR_UW-55 140403_SR_UW-58 140403_SR_UW-59 140403_SR_UW-60 140403_SR_UW-61 140403_SR_UW-67 140403_SR_UW-70 140403_SR_UW-73 140403_SR_UW-74 140403_SR_UW-75 140403_SR_UW-76 140403_SR_UW-77 140403_SR_UW-80 140403_SR_UW-83 140403_SR_UW-84 140403_SR_UW-86 140403_SR_UW-88 140403_SR_UW-89 140403_SR_UW-90 140403_SR_UW-91 140403_SR_UW-94 140403_SR_UW-95 140403_SR_UW-97 140403_SR_UW-99 140403_SR_UW-100 140403_SR_UW-102 140403_SR_UW-104 140403_SR_UW-106 140403_SR_UW-107 140403_SR_UW-108 140403_SR_UW-110 140403_SR_UW-112 140403_SR_UW-114 140403_SR_UW-115

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