sarah + matt │ engagement │ volunteer park, seattle, wa

Can’t wait for this couple’s big day in August!

Big thanks to Sang Cho for his help during this shoot!

SarahandMattEngaged-1 SarahandMattEngaged-6 SarahandMattEngaged-19 SarahandMattEngaged-25 SarahandMattEngaged-29 SarahandMattEngaged-36 SarahandMattEngaged-39 SarahandMattEngaged-42 SarahandMattEngaged-44 SarahandMattEngaged-47 SarahandMattEngaged-48 SarahandMattEngaged-54 SarahandMattEngaged-58 SarahandMattEngaged-65 SarahandMattEngaged-70 SarahandMattEngaged-71 SarahandMattEngaged-73 SarahandMattEngaged-76 SarahandMattEngaged-79 SarahandMattEngaged-80 SarahandMattEngaged-82 SarahandMattEngaged-84 SarahandMattEngaged-86 SarahandMattEngaged-91 SarahandMattEngaged-100 SarahandMattEngaged-107 SarahandMattEngaged-122 SarahandMattEngaged-124 SarahandMattEngaged-134 SarahandMattEngaged-139 SarahandMattEngaged-155 SarahandMattEngaged-156 SarahandMattEngaged-160 SarahandMattEngaged-170 SarahandMattEngaged-178 SarahandMattEngaged-181 SarahandMattEngaged-185 SarahandMattEngaged-193

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