Super Bowl \\ Seahawks vs. Broncos \\ February 2nd, 2014

There are the moments in life where your stomach turns and it’s hard to breathe. You feel as if very very big event about to take place. Being told you were going to the Super Bowl? Now THAT is a one of a kind feeling! After the Seahawks edged out the 49ers to win the NFC division title, I crossed every finger and toe in hopes of joining the team in New York. Well, a week before the big game, my dreams came true and I was asked to join the team in the Big Apple, with the task of assisting the team photographers, and photographing the Sea Gals. Below are my images from the epic weekend:

Ready for action!

SuperBowlJG-1 SuperBowlJG-2 SuperBowlJG-3 SuperBowlJG-4 SuperBowlJG-6 SuperBowlJG-7 SuperBowlJG-8 SuperBowlJG-9 SuperBowlJG-10 SuperBowlJG-11 SuperBowlJG-12 SuperBowlJG-13 SuperBowlJG-14 SuperBowlJG-15 SuperBowlJG-18 SuperBowlJG-21 SuperBowlJG-23 SuperBowlJG-24 SuperBowlJG-25 SuperBowlJG-26 SuperBowlJG-28 SuperBowlJG-29 SuperBowlJG-30 SuperBowlJG-32 SuperBowlJG-33 SuperBowlJG-34 SuperBowlJG-35 SuperBowlJG-36 SuperBowlJG-38

Attempting a selfie with my d3s + 24-70.. leannn backkkSuperBowlJG-40SuperBowlJG-1-3SuperBowlJG-41 SuperBowlJG-42 SuperBowlJG-43 SuperBowlJG-44

A must:SuperBowlJG-45 SuperBowlJG-46 SuperBowlJG-47 SuperBowlJG-48 SuperBowlJG-49 SuperBowlJG-50 SuperBowlJG-51 SuperBowlJG-53 SuperBowlJG-54

Police escort to the stadium with the Sea Gals!SuperBowlJG-55 SuperBowlJG-56 SuperBowlJG-57 SuperBowlJG-58 SuperBowlJG-59 SuperBowlJG-60 SuperBowlJG-62 SuperBowlJG-63 SuperBowlJG-64 SuperBowlJG-65 SuperBowlJG-66 SuperBowlJG-67 SuperBowlJG-70 SuperBowlJG-71 SuperBowlJG-72 SuperBowlJG-74 SuperBowlJG-75 SuperBowlJG-76 SuperBowlJG-77 SuperBowlJG-79

Oh hello Bill Clinton!SuperBowlJG-80 SuperBowlJG-82 SuperBowlJG-83 SuperBowlJG-84 SuperBowlJG-85 SuperBowlJG-86 SuperBowlJG-87 SuperBowlJG-88 SuperBowlJG-90 SuperBowlJG-91 SuperBowlJG-93 SuperBowlJG-94 SuperBowlJG-95 SuperBowlJG-96 SuperBowlJG-97 SuperBowlJG-98 SuperBowlJG-99 SuperBowlJG-101 SuperBowlJG-103 SuperBowlJG-104 SuperBowlJG-105 SuperBowlJG-106 SuperBowlJG-107 SuperBowlJG-108 SuperBowlJG-109 SuperBowlJG-111 SuperBowlJG-113 SuperBowlJG-114 SuperBowlJG-115 SuperBowlJG-116 SuperBowlJG-119 SuperBowlJG-120 SuperBowlJG-121 SuperBowlJG-122 SuperBowlJG-123 SuperBowlJG-125 SuperBowlJG-127 SuperBowlJG-128 SuperBowlJG-129 SuperBowlJG-130 SuperBowlJG-133 SuperBowlJG-134 SuperBowlJG-135 SuperBowlJG-137 SuperBowlJG-138 SuperBowlJG-139 SuperBowlJG-140 SuperBowlJG-141 SuperBowlJG-142 SuperBowlJG-144

Russell Wilson sighting!!SuperBowlJG-145 SuperBowlJG-147 SuperBowlJG-149 SuperBowlJG-151 SuperBowlJG-153 SuperBowlJG-154 SuperBowlJG-155 SuperBowlJG-158 SuperBowlJG-159 SuperBowlJG-161 SuperBowlJG-163 SuperBowlJG-166 SuperBowlJG-168 SuperBowlJG-169 SuperBowlJG-170 SuperBowlJG-171 SuperBowlJG-172 SuperBowlJG-173 SuperBowlJG-174 SuperBowlJG-175 SuperBowlJG-176 SuperBowlJG-178 SuperBowlJG-179 SuperBowlJG-180 SuperBowlJG-181 SuperBowlJG-183

You’re about to be ours!SuperBowlJG-184 SuperBowlJG-185 SuperBowlJG-187 SuperBowlJG-188 SuperBowlJG-191 SuperBowlJG-192 SuperBowlJG-193 SuperBowlJG-194 SuperBowlJG-195 SuperBowlJG-196 SuperBowlJG-197 SuperBowlJG-198

I approached the field trying to find moments and reactions, emotions and celebrations, but I had to take a moment and take it all in. This was one of the coolest experiences of my life, and a dream come true for everyone in Seattle. SuperBowlJG-200 SuperBowlJG-201 SuperBowlJG-203 SuperBowlJG-204 SuperBowlJG-205 SuperBowlJG-206 SuperBowlJG-208 SuperBowlJG-210 SuperBowlJG-211 SuperBowlJG-212 SuperBowlJG-213 SuperBowlJG-214 SuperBowlJG-218 SuperBowlJG-219 SuperBowlJG-221 SuperBowlJG-222 SuperBowlJG-224 SuperBowlJG-225 SuperBowlJG-227 SuperBowlJG-228 SuperBowlJG-229 SuperBowlJG-231 SuperBowlJG-232 SuperBowlJG-235 SuperBowlJG-237SuperBowlJG-1-2 SuperBowlJG-238 SuperBowlJG-239I am forever grateful that I had the chance to 1) GO TO THE SUPER BOWL! 2) Be part of the Super Bowl 3) See us WIN the Super Bowl!! Thank you Seahawks.

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