Sounders FC vs. Toronto FC // 03.15.2014

Although the outcome of Saturday’s match wasn’t ideal, it was a true honor to photograph the game. Being able to capture legendary players such as Julio Cesar, Jermain Defoe, Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, and the list goes on– all on one field. It was very special to me.
The weather held up, and the lighting was fantastic.

I’m very happy to share these images:

JHG_4670 JHG_3589 JHG_4679 JHG_4688 JHG_3630 JHG_4696 JHG_4699 JHG_4714 JHG_4777 JHG_4821 JHG_4847 JHG_3706 JHG_3719 JHG_4890 JHG_4902 JHG_4935 JHG_4965 JHG_4970 JHG_5013 JHG_5026 JHG_5036 JHG_5120 JHG_5193 JHG_5205 JHG_5239 JHG_5263 JHG_5264 JHG_5278 JHG_5304 JHG_5305 JHG_5354 JHG_5395 JHG_5421 JHG_5446 JHG_5450 JHG_5451 JHG_5457 JHG_5469 JHG_5517 JHG_5543 JHG_5545 JHG_5559 JHG_5589 JHG_5596 JHG_5601 JHG_5602 JHG_5626 JHG_5634 JHG_5650 JHG_5690 JHG_5694 JHG_5706 JHG_5712 JHG_5751 JHG_5789 JHG_3798 JHG_5806 JHG_5826 JHG_5830 JHG_5847 JHG_5880 JHG_5889

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