break from the busy \\ oahu

My fiance and I went to Oahu last month to photograph a wedding. We had some fun exploring the island too:

JHG_8248 JHG_8263 JHG_8268 JHG_8286 JHG_8295 JHG_8307 JHG_8318 JHG_8330 JHG_8342 JHG_8354 JHG_8360 JHG_8363 JHG_8369 JHG_8384 JHG_8392 JHG_8399 JHG_8433 JHG_8443 JHG_8487 JHG_8518 JHG_8555 JHG_8564 JHG_8568 JHG_8585 JHG_8600 JHG_8602 JHG_8649 JHG_8660 JHG_8665 JHG_8694 JHG_8696 JHG_8702 JHG_8747 JHG_8769 JHG_0942 JHG_0954 JHG_0974 JHG_1060 DSC_6742 DSC_6772 DSC_6789 DSC_6817-2 DSC_6829 DSC_6835 DSC_6855 DSC_6891 DSC_7009

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