Seattle Sea Gals │ Portraits

I’ve been waiting to share these photos of the lovely Sea Gals from a shoot earlier in the month. This was a big challenge for me as I don’t do these kind of portraits. I had an absolute blast with all the girls and could not have done it without the assistance of the amazing and awesome Sang Cho.

Big thanks to Golds Gym in Issaquah for allowing us to use the facility.

JHG_3254 JHG_3286 JHG_3348 JHG_3392 JHG_3395 JHG_3400 JHG_3411-2 JHG_3419-2 JHG_3421 JHG_3426 JHG_3436 JHG_3452 JHG_3476 JHG_3492-2 JHG_3496-3 JHG_3541 JHG_3565 JHG_3588 JHG_3605 JHG_3615 JHG_3630

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