SEATTLE REIGN: Best of 2013

When the sun is setting on Starfire, I just love the light. But when it goes dark.. its a photographers challenging enemy = )

SeattleReignvsFCKC-1 SeattleReignvsFCKC-4 SeattleReignvsFCKC-22 SeattleReignvsFCKC-33 SeattleReignvsFCKC-39 SeattleReignvsFCKC-48 SeattleReignvsFCKC-1 SeattleReignvsFCKC-22 SeattleReignvsFCKC-39 SeattleReignvsFCKC-7 SRvsWA-4 SRvsWA-12 SRvsWA-37 SRvsWA-47 SRvsWA-48 SRvsWA-56 SRvsWA-67 SRvsWA-82 SRvsWA-86 SRvsWA-93 SRvsWA-110 SRvsSkyBlue-13 SRvsSkyBlue-18 SRvsSkyBlue-21 SRvsSkyBlue-8 _JHG1995 _JHG2365 _JHG2483 _JHG2640 _JHG2706 _JHG9315 _JHG9439 _JHG9586 _JHG9781 _JHG9801 _JHG7787 JHG_5498 JHG_5519 JHG_5548 JHG_5560 JHG_5759 JHG_5822 JHG_5872 JHG_9682 JHG_9798 JHG_9833 JHG_9908 JHG_0580 JHG_0621 JHG_0738 JHG_7067 JHG_7078 JHG_7153 JHG_7351 JHG_7381 JHG_7384

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