SOUNDERS FC: Best of 2013

My fourth Sounders season came to a close, and it was quite a year.  Drama, excitement, and amazing soccer!

Here is my perspective of the season, in photos.


SoundersFCMontrealImpact-6 SoundersFCMontrealImpact-17 SoundersFCMontrealImpact-20 SoundersFCMontrealImpact-25 SoundersFCMontrealImpact-36 SoundersFCMontrealImpact-52 SoundersFCMontrealImpact-3 SoundersFCMontrealImpact-18 SoundersvsTimbers-3 SoundersvsTimbers-4 SoundersvsTimbers-15 CCLSoundersFCvsTigres-11 CCLSoundersFCvsTigres-30 CCLSoundersFCvsTigres-34 CCLSoundersFCvsTigres-9 CCLSoundersFCvsTigres-34 _JHG4967 _JHG5028 _JHG5719 _JHG5858 _JHG9543 _JHG9545 _JHG9602 _JHG9866 _JHG9906 _JHG7753 _JHG7258 _JHG7978 _JHG8299 _JHG8452 _JHG8574 JHG_3027 JHG_3510 JHG_3643 JHG_3794 JHG_8162 JHG_8252 JHG_8564 JHG_7847 JHG_8955 JHG_8965 JHG_8970 JHG_8983 JHG_7888 JHG_9083 JHG_7929 JHG_9246 JHG_9296 JHG_9355 JHG_9509 JHG_9567 JHG_9629JHG_2591



JHG_2894 JHG_2960



JHG_3157 JHG_3282JHG_5436JHG_5465JHG_5722JHG_0275JHG_2305JHG_2466JHG_4460JHG_7804JHG_4495JHG_4558JHG_0260JHG_8197JHG_8250JHG_8284JHG_8385JHG_8942JHG_9074JHG_9254JHG_0395JHG_0401JHG_9928JHG_0741JHG_0011JHG_0827JHG_0244JHG_0340JHG_0705

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