sarah + jason + 1 │ family portraits │ discovery park

One of the most important things to me- why I love doing what I do- is building strong relationships with my clients. I love being able to capture special moments in people’s lives. I had such a blast photographing Sarah and Jason’s wedding last summer! When I heard they were expecting, I couldn’t wait to photograph their smiling faces, anticipating their adorable bundle of joy.

Here’s to the future, and more adventures together!

SarahandJason-2 SarahandJason-7 SarahandJason-14 SarahandJason-16 SarahandJason-21 SarahandJason-24 SarahandJason-28 SarahandJason-31 SarahandJason-33 SarahandJason-37 SarahandJason-40 SarahandJason-41 SarahandJason-55 SarahandJason-60 SarahandJason-63 SarahandJason-65 SarahandJason-68 SarahandJason-73 SarahandJason-75 SarahandJason-88 SarahandJason-92 SarahandJason-98 SarahandJason-101 SarahandJason-115 SarahandJason-123 SarahandJason-125 SarahandJason-140 SarahandJason-146 SarahandJason-148 SarahandJason-154 SarahandJason-157 SarahandJason-161 SarahandJason-165

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