liz + ryan │engagement │ discovery park, seattle, wa

I had so much fun wandering around Discovery Park with Liz, Ryan and Gracie back in October. Can’t wait for their wedding in Leavenworth this coming January!

LizzieandRyan-1 LizzieandRyan-3 LizzieandRyan-9 LizzieandRyan-12 LizzieandRyan-15 LizzieandRyan-21 LizzieandRyan-41 LizzieandRyan-44 LizzieandRyan-48 LizzieandRyan-54 LizzieandRyan-60 LizzieandRyan-62 LizzieandRyan-70 LizzieandRyan-78 LizzieandRyan-87 LizzieandRyan-92 LizzieandRyan-95 LizzieandRyan-104 LizzieandRyan-109 LizzieandRyan-116 LizzieandRyan-119 LizzieandRyan-125 LizzieandRyan-128 LizzieandRyan-136 LizzieandRyan-150 LizzieandRyan-159 LizzieandRyan-175 LizzieandRyan-181 LizzieandRyan-193 LizzieandRyan-199

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