olivia + alisa │ portraits │ seattle, wa

A little rain never hurt nobody! It especially didn’t get in the way of some play time with Olivia!

I had so much fun with Olivia and her mom Alisa, wandering in the beautiful fall colors.


JHG_7852-2 JHG_7880 JHG_7889 JHG_7892-2 JHG_7910 JHG_7926-2 JHG_7945 JHG_7951 JHG_7962 JHG_7990 JHG_7995 JHG_8015-2 JHG_8046-2 JHG_8049 JHG_8057 JHG_8068 JHG_5272-2 JHG_5285 JHG_5293 JHG_5309-2 JHG_5336 JHG_5343-2 JHG_5360 JHG_5365-2 JHG_8073 JHG_5400 JHG_5406-2 JHG_5429 JHG_8100-2 JHG_8122-2 JHG_8124-2

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