jen + ian = married │skansonia │ seattle, wa

100% chance of rain they said.
Not a drop from the bright blue sky, as the sun shined throughout the gorgeous September day.

I met Jen and Ian through some close friends when visiting Colorado last summer. Jen is originally from Seattle, and always dreamt of having a Pacific Northwest wedding. We had the umbrellas ready for a true Northwest day, but the sun happily surprised us.

I had such a fun time capturing their big day, they are such an adorable couple.

Wishing Jen and Ian all the best of love and happiness,


JenandIanWed-2 JenandIanWed-7 JenandIanWed-15JenandIanWed-13JenandIanWed-19 JenandIanWed-22 JenandIanWed-29 JenandIanWed-32 JenandIanWed-40 JenandIanWed-47 JenandIanWed-56 JenandIanWed-63 JenandIanWed-65 JenandIanWed-68 JenandIanWed-80 JenandIanWed-82 JenandIanWed-85 JenandIanWed-90 JenandIanWed-96 JenandIanWed-100 JenandIanWed-107 JenandIanWed-115 JenandIanWed-135 JenandIanWed-138 JenandIanWed-141 JenandIanWed-145 JenandIanWed-154 JenandIanWed-160 JenandIanWed-166 JenandIanWed-178 JenandIanWed-198 JenandIanWed-204 JenandIanWed-206 JenandIanWed-211 JenandIanWed-218 JenandIanWed-228 JenandIanWed-230 JenandIanWed-236 JenandIanWed-249 JenandIanWed-254 JenandIanWed-261 JenandIanWed-263 JenandIanWed-269 JenandIanWed-286 JenandIanWed-297 JenandIanWed-300 JenandIanWed-314 JenandIanWed-335 JenandIanWed-357 JenandIanWed-360 JenandIanWed-366 JenandIanWed-373 JenandIanWed-380 JenandIanWed-384 JenandIanWed-386 JenandIanWed-389 JenandIanWed-391 JenandIanWed-400 JenandIanWed-413 JenandIanWed-415 JenandIanWed-421 JenandIanWed-445 JenandIanWed-459 JenandIanWed-503 JenandIanWed-508 JenandIanWed-512 JenandIanWed-519 JenandIanWed-523 JenandIanWed-534 JenandIanWed-536 JenandIanWed-541 JenandIanWed-543 JenandIanWed-544 JenandIanWed-549 JenandIanWed-554 JenandIanWed-557 JenandIanWed-563 JenandIanWed-567 JenandIanWed-571 JenandIanWed-572 JenandIanWed-577 JenandIanWed-580 JenandIanWed-584 JenandIanWed-589 JenandIanWed-594 JenandIanWed-609 JenandIanWed-613 JenandIanWed-622 JenandIanWed-625 JenandIanWed-629 JenandIanWed-632 JenandIanWed-639 JenandIanWed-644 JenandIanWed-652 JenandIanWed-670 JenandIanWed-680 JenandIanWed-682 JenandIanWed-688 JenandIanWed-692 JenandIanWed-697

Venue: Skansonia

Dress: Nordstrom

Hair & Makeup: VAIN

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