karen + chris = married │ dana point, ca

I have been looking forward to editing and sharing this wedding since I returned home in August from a wonderful experience. Karen and Chris are friends of mine, who entrusted in me to capture their big day, and I got a couple days of relaxation out of it too, at a beach home in Southern California.

Celebrating love, and their love especially was pronounced on their wedding day. The whole day was so touching and special. I was so moved by how warm and cozy the festivities were. It really was a love-filled experience.

Thank you Karen and Chris for the opportunity.


ChrisandKarenWed-10 ChrisandKarenWed-25 ChrisandKarenWed-28 ChrisandKarenWed-37 ChrisandKarenWed-49 ChrisandKarenWed-56 ChrisandKarenWed-59 ChrisandKarenWed-73 ChrisandKarenWed-78 ChrisandKarenWed-79 ChrisandKarenWed-86 ChrisandKarenWed-87 ChrisandKarenWed-89 ChrisandKarenWed-91 ChrisandKarenWed-98 ChrisandKarenWed-104 ChrisandKarenWed-107 ChrisandKarenWed-109 ChrisandKarenWed-117 ChrisandKarenWed-127 ChrisandKarenWed-134 ChrisandKarenWed-141 ChrisandKarenWed-145 ChrisandKarenWed-151 ChrisandKarenWed-163 ChrisandKarenWed-169 ChrisandKarenWed-175 ChrisandKarenWed-187 ChrisandKarenWed-193 ChrisandKarenWed-206 ChrisandKarenWed-225 ChrisandKarenWed-229 ChrisandKarenWed-235 ChrisandKarenWed-237 ChrisandKarenWed-241 ChrisandKarenWed-245 ChrisandKarenWed-257 ChrisandKarenWed-263 ChrisandKarenWed-267 ChrisandKarenWed-268 ChrisandKarenWed-276 ChrisandKarenWed-281 ChrisandKarenWed-283 ChrisandKarenWed-286 ChrisandKarenWed-291 ChrisandKarenWed-298 ChrisandKarenWed-303 ChrisandKarenWed-305 ChrisandKarenWed-313 ChrisandKarenWed-317 ChrisandKarenWed-330 ChrisandKarenWed-341 ChrisandKarenWed-351 ChrisandKarenWed-355 ChrisandKarenWed-369 ChrisandKarenWed-391 ChrisandKarenWed-406 ChrisandKarenWed-411 ChrisandKarenWed-412 ChrisandKarenWed-419 ChrisandKarenWed-426 ChrisandKarenWed-429 ChrisandKarenWed-439 ChrisandKarenWed-452 ChrisandKarenWed-459 ChrisandKarenWed-461 ChrisandKarenWed-462 ChrisandKarenWed-470 ChrisandKarenWed-481 ChrisandKarenWed-489 ChrisandKarenWed-501 ChrisandKarenWed-517 ChrisandKarenWed-522 ChrisandKarenWed-532 ChrisandKarenWed-535 ChrisandKarenWed-540 ChrisandKarenWed-542 ChrisandKarenWed-545 ChrisandKarenWed-549 ChrisandKarenWed-555 ChrisandKarenWed-560 ChrisandKarenWed-566 ChrisandKarenWed-583 ChrisandKarenWed-588 ChrisandKarenWed-591 ChrisandKarenWed-593 ChrisandKarenWed-600 ChrisandKarenWed-606 ChrisandKarenWed-611 ChrisandKarenWed-629 ChrisandKarenWed-639 ChrisandKarenWed-647

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