megan + erik = married │ bybee farms │ north bend, wa

I’m so very excited to share this wedding on the blog!
Megan and Erik were such a blast to work with- and Max– their dog! I met Megan through working with the Seahawks and Sounders, we also went to Western together.

I can’t say enough how important and fun it is to take a trek away from the venue and explore the grounds nearby. Obviously having Mt. Si as a backdrop helps = ). One of the most beautiful settings for a wedding I’ve ever seen. Our luck was our way as we explored the road right under the mountain, and a resident of the area invited us to her property to take photos. Her property was amazing, as it sat right on the riverbank– what a setting for some bride and groom portraits!

Big big thanks to Kevin Belford of Kevin Belford Photography, for his amazing assisting and killer shots!

Megan and Erik’s wedding was so full of love and laughter. I’m so grateful I had the chance to work with them, and capture their fun day!


MeganandErikWed-1 MeganandErikWed-4 MeganandErikWed-7 MeganandErikWed-10 MeganandErikWed-12 MeganandErikWed-21 MeganandErikWed-32 MeganandErikWed-33 MeganandErikWed-44 MeganandErikWed-51 MeganandErikWed-54 MeganandErikWed-58 MeganandErikWed-61 MeganandErikWed-64 MeganandErikWed-69 MeganandErikWed-75 MeganandErikWed-77 MeganandErikWed-80 MeganandErikWed-90 MeganandErikWed-93 MeganandErikWed-101 MeganandErikWed-110 MeganandErikWed-116 MeganandErikWed-125 MeganandErikWed-139 MeganandErikWed-141 MeganandErikWed-148 MeganandErikWed-151 MeganandErikWed-162 MeganandErikWed-167 MeganandErikWed-172 MeganandErikWed-186 MeganandErikWed-195 MeganandErikWed-207 MeganandErikWed-217 MeganandErikWed-231 MeganandErikWed-237 MeganandErikWed-244 MeganandErikWed-247 MeganandErikWed-252 MeganandErikWed-258 MeganandErikWed-264 MeganandErikWed-273 MeganandErikWed-278 MeganandErikWed-285 MeganandErikWed-298 MeganandErikWed-310 MeganandErikWed-312 MeganandErikWed-314 MeganandErikWed-319 MeganandErikWed-345 MeganandErikWed-347 MeganandErikWed-356 MeganandErikWed-371 MeganandErikWed-373 MeganandErikWed-382 MeganandErikWed-394 MeganandErikWed-398 MeganandErikWed-405 MeganandErikWed-415 MeganandErikWed-429 MeganandErikWed-485 MeganandErikWed-486 MeganandErikWed-492 MeganandErikWed-520 MeganandErikWed-524 MeganandErikWed-535 MeganandErikWed-538 MeganandErikWed-553 MeganandErikWed-563 MeganandErikWed-568 MeganandErikWed-570 MeganandErikWed-572 MeganandErikWed-574 MeganandErikWed-589 MeganandErikWed-593 MeganandErikWed-595 MeganandErikWed-613 MeganandErikWed-626 MeganandErikWed-632 MeganandErikWed-638 MeganandErikWed-641 MeganandErikWed-652 MeganandErikWed-657 MeganandErikWed-666 MeganandErikWed-670 MeganandErikWed-684 MeganandErikWed-702 MeganandErikWed-708 MeganandErikWed-754 MeganandErikWed-767 MeganandErikWed-775 MeganandErikWed-778 MeganandErikWed-781 MeganandErikWed-794 MeganandErikWed-801 MeganandErikWed-807 MeganandErikWed-814 MeganandErikWed-827 MeganandErikWed-833 MeganandErikWed-840 MeganandErikWed-847

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