natalie + michael = engaged │ engagement │ gasworks park

Can’t wait for their big day next February!!

NatalieandMichael-3 NatalieandMichael-6 NatalieandMichael-10 NatalieandMichael-11 NatalieandMichael-14 NatalieandMichael-16 NatalieandMichael-19 NatalieandMichael-22 NatalieandMichael-30 NatalieandMichael-35 NatalieandMichael-38 NatalieandMichael-39 NatalieandMichael-48 NatalieandMichael-55 NatalieandMichael-62 NatalieandMichael-69 NatalieandMichael-75 NatalieandMichael-93 NatalieandMichael-98 NatalieandMichael-102 NatalieandMichael-107 NatalieandMichael-112 NatalieandMichael-124 NatalieandMichael-129 NatalieandMichael-136 NatalieandMichael-137 NatalieandMichael-142 NatalieandMichael-148 NatalieandMichael-156 NatalieandMichael-160 NatalieandMichael-163 NatalieandMichael-167 NatalieandMichael-170 NatalieandMichael-182 NatalieandMichael-190 NatalieandMichael-199 NatalieandMichael-201

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