lindsey + chris = engaged │ engagement │ lake washington, wa

I am so excited to finally post this engagement shoot of the gorgeous Lindsey and Chris!
They are very dear friends of my boyfriend and I and I can’t wait to photograph their big day in just under 2 weeks!

We had a great time on their boat watching the amazing PNW sunset with their dog Leni.


LindseyandChris-2 LindseyandChris-4 LindseyandChris-7 LindseyandChris-10 LindseyandChris-13 LindseyandChris-20 LindseyandChris-23 LindseyandChris-32 LindseyandChris-46 LindseyandChris-56 LindseyandChris-63 LindseyandChris-67 LindseyandChris-78 LindseyandChris-91 LindseyandChris-95 LindseyandChris-98 LindseyandChris-111 LindseyandChris-116 LindseyandChris-121 LindseyandChris-124 LindseyandChris-133 LindseyandChris-142 LindseyandChris-154 LindseyandChris-161 LindseyandChris-169 LindseyandChris-172 LindseyandChris-180 LindseyandChris-188 LindseyandChris-198 LindseyandChris-208 LindseyandChris-223 LindseyandChris-234 LindseyandChris-243 LindseyandChris-244 LindseyandChris-253 LindseyandChris-262 LindseyandChris-266 LindseyandChris-279 LindseyandChris-284 LindseyandChris-292

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