ashley + jeff │ portraits │ seattle waterfront

Ashley and Jeff are still in their first year of marriage, and wanted to get some Seattle portraits taken, since they live in California. The clouds arrived just in time to create some true PNW feel. Had a great time with these two!

AshleyandJeff-1 AshleyandJeff-6 AshleyandJeff-8 AshleyandJeff-10 AshleyandJeff-16 AshleyandJeff-22 AshleyandJeff-29 AshleyandJeff-32 AshleyandJeff-37 AshleyandJeff-40 AshleyandJeff-55 AshleyandJeff-58 AshleyandJeff-63 AshleyandJeff-67 AshleyandJeff-72 AshleyandJeff-75 AshleyandJeff-80 AshleyandJeff-86 AshleyandJeff-90 AshleyandJeff-95 AshleyandJeff-99 AshleyandJeff-107 AshleyandJeff-113 AshleyandJeff-120 AshleyandJeff-124 AshleyandJeff-125 AshleyandJeff-132 AshleyandJeff-135 AshleyandJeff-137 AshleyandJeff-146 AshleyandJeff-155 AshleyandJeff-157 AshleyandJeff-162 AshleyandJeff-166 AshleyandJeff-172 AshleyandJeff-175 AshleyandJeff-177

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