hilary + david = engaged │ engagement │ edmonds, wa

Loved wandering around Edmonds for the gorgeous sunset!
Can’t wait for their big day this November!

Hilary+David=Engaged-4 Hilary+David=Engaged-12 Hilary+David=Engaged-17 Hilary+David=Engaged-21 Hilary+David=Engaged-35 Hilary+David=Engaged-37 Hilary+David=Engaged-46 Hilary+David=Engaged-54 Hilary+David=Engaged-59 Hilary+David=Engaged-63 Hilary+David=Engaged-72 Hilary+David=Engaged-79 Hilary+David=Engaged-90 Hilary+David=Engaged-95 Hilary+David=Engaged-104 Hilary+David=Engaged-113 Hilary+David=Engaged-116 Hilary+David=Engaged-129 Hilary+David=Engaged-132 Hilary+David=Engaged-137 Hilary+David=Engaged-152 Hilary+David=Engaged-158 Hilary+David=Engaged-164 Hilary+David=Engaged-170 Hilary+David=Engaged-175 Hilary+David=Engaged-180 Hilary+David=Engaged-194 Hilary+David=Engaged-197 Hilary+David=Engaged-217 Hilary+David=Engaged-224 Hilary+David=Engaged-225 Hilary+David=Engaged-232 Hilary+David=Engaged-239

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