getaway: cannon beach :: part 1:: june 2013

Every year for most of my life, my family and I go to Cannon Beach. Even if its just for a couple days, its one of our favorite places on earth. A calm, quiet, peaceful place for us to go to, to unwind. This year we went to celebrate my mom’s birthday.

We were blessed with some sunshine and some incredible sunsets!

Here is part 1, enjoy:

JHG_5111 JHG_5124 JHG_5126 JHG_5134 JHG_5140 JHG_5142 JHG_5149 JHG_5151 JHG_5153 JHG_5154 JHG_5155 JHG_5160 JHG_5164-3 JHG_5167 JHG_5178 JHG_5180-3 JHG_5182 JHG_5187 JHG_5199-3 JHG_5217-3 JHG_5230 JHG_5239-3 JHG_5257 JHG_5266 JHG_5289-4 JHG_5292-3 JHG_5293 JHG_5303-2 JHG_5306 JHG_5339 JHG_5377 JHG_5385 JHG_5397 JHG_5425 JHG_5430-2 JHG_5433-2 JHG_5442

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