Seattle Reign FC 3 – 2 Western NY Flash [07.11.2013]

To get the chance to photograph Abby Wambach is just priceless to me. Especially in a small venue like Starfire, being close to the action with the sun setting, love it.

JHG_1060 JHG_1068 JHG_1072 JHG_1077 JHG_1139 JHG_1146 JHG_2699 JHG_2706 JHG_2710 JHG_2718 JHG_2725 JHG_2737 JHG_2758 JHG_1227 JHG_1241 JHG_1244 JHG_1246 JHG_1247 JHG_1302 JHG_1310 JHG_1361 JHG_1363 JHG_1364 JHG_1392 JHG_1401 JHG_1409 JHG_1480 JHG_1492 JHG_2781 JHG_1536 JHG_1539 JHG_1551 JHG_1559 JHG_1562 JHG_1566 JHG_1594 JHG_1656 JHG_1669 JHG_1678 JHG_1692 JHG_1698 JHG_1706 JHG_1728 JHG_1751 JHG_2793 JHG_1817 JHG_1846 JHG_1863 JHG_1897 JHG_1911 JHG_1926 JHG_1930 JHG_1937 JHG_1939 JHG_2837

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