salina + dan │ engagement │ rattlesnake lake, wa

I loved loved loved this engagement shoot.

I’ve known Salina for quite some time now, and am so happy for her and Dan. I am pretty stoked I get to photograph their big day in July up north in Ferndale.
We had a great time wandering around Rattlesnake Lake, with awesome assistance by Sang Cho.

Looking forward to their big day!


SalinaandDanny-5 SalinaandDanny-15 SalinaandDanny-28 SalinaandDanny-47 SalinaandDanny-51 SalinaandDanny-54 SalinaandDanny-56 SalinaandDanny-61 SalinaandDanny-66 SalinaandDanny-71 SalinaandDanny-76 SalinaandDanny-82 SalinaandDanny-85 SalinaandDanny-91 SalinaandDanny-95 SalinaandDanny-98 SalinaandDanny-99 SalinaandDanny-101 SalinaandDanny-107 SalinaandDanny-109 SalinaandDanny-112 SalinaandDanny-118 SalinaandDanny-119 SalinaandDanny-128 SalinaandDanny-130 SalinaandDanny-138 SalinaandDanny-142 SalinaandDanny-153 SalinaandDanny-156 SalinaandDanny-157 SalinaandDanny-159

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