jen + ian = engaged │ engagement │ discovery park, seattle, wa

I met Jen and Ian in Colorado visiting some friends. They had a short weekend in Seattle and we were able to squeeze in the engagement session.

So glad I get to work with these two this September in Seattle!


jenandianengaged-3 jenandianengaged-5 jenandianengaged-17 jenandianengaged-22 jenandianengaged-25 jenandianengaged-28 jenandianengaged-36 jenandianengaged-46 jenandianengaged-51 jenandianengaged-58 jenandianengaged-64 jenandianengaged-66 jenandianengaged-78 jenandianengaged-81 jenandianengaged-87 jenandianengaged-92 jenandianengaged-99 jenandianengaged-105 jenandianengaged-113 jenandianengaged-115 jenandianengaged-117 jenandianengaged-126 jenandianengaged-132 jenandianengaged-136 jenandianengaged-141 jenandianengaged-144 jenandianengaged-149 jenandianengaged-153 jenandianengaged-157 jenandianengaged-164 jenandianengaged-170 jenandianengaged-176 jenandianengaged-184 jenandianengaged-190 jenandianengaged-193 jenandianengaged-197

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