SOUNDERS FC: Sounders FC vs. San Jose Earthquakes [05.11.2013]

What a fantastic game by the Sounders this past Saturday! 4-0 over San Jose, with 2 goals by hometown star Lamar Neagle.
The heat waves were present on the turf, which made from some difficult shooting, but overall it was a great game to shoot.


SoundersFCvsSanJose-1 SoundersFCvsSanJose-3SoundersFCvsSanJose-1 SoundersFCvsSanJose-2 SoundersFCvsSanJose-3 SoundersFCvsSanJose-4 SoundersFCvsSanJose-5 SoundersFCvsSanJose-6SoundersFCvsSanJose-4 SoundersFCvsSanJose-6 SoundersFCvsSanJose-7 SoundersFCvsSanJose-9 SoundersFCvsSanJose-12 SoundersFCvsSanJose-16 SoundersFCvsSanJose-19 SoundersFCvsSanJose-21 SoundersFCvsSanJose-22 SoundersFCvsSanJose-24 SoundersFCvsSanJose-25 SoundersFCvsSanJose-26 SoundersFCvsSanJose-27 SoundersFCvsSanJose-32 SoundersFCvsSanJose-33 SoundersFCvsSanJose-34 SoundersFCvsSanJose-35 SoundersFCvsSanJose-37 SoundersFCvsSanJose-39SoundersFCvsSanJose-7 SoundersFCvsSanJose-8 SoundersFCvsSanJose-9 SoundersFCvsSanJose-10 SoundersFCvsSanJose-11 SoundersFCvsSanJose-12 SoundersFCvsSanJose-14 SoundersFCvsSanJose-17 SoundersFCvsSanJose-20 SoundersFCvsSanJose-22 SoundersFCvsSanJose-25 SoundersFCvsSanJose-28 SoundersFCvsSanJose-30_JHG5998 _JHG6003 _JHG6008 _JHG6024 _JHG6050SoundersFCvsSanJose-2 SoundersFCvsSanJose-3 SoundersFCvsSanJose-7 SoundersFCvsSanJose-10 SoundersFCvsSanJose-11 SoundersFCvsSanJose-13 SoundersFCvsSanJose-14SoundersFCvsSanJose-40 SoundersFCvsSanJose-43 SoundersFCvsSanJose-45

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