gina + do │ engagement │ kerry park, seattle, wa

It was quite a rainy day, but we made it happen = )
I met Gina back when I was at Western, she was actually the first person I ever did a portrait session with when she was graduating from college. Now, some years later,I get to photograph her upcoming nuptials in……… wait for it……..Hawaii!! – next year = )

I’m super pumped to show how cute these two are together,


GinaandDo1-34 GinaandDo1-44 GinaandDo1-47 GinaandDo1-55 GinaandDo1-59 GinaandDo1-69 GinaandDo1-87 GinaandDo1-92 GinaandDo1-96 GinaandDo1-100 GinaandDo1-108 GinaandDo1-116 GinaandDo1-120 GinaandDo1-122 GinaandDo1-132 GinaandDo1-136 GinaandDo1-137 GinaandDo1-139 GinaandDo1-143 GinaandDo1-146 GinaandDo1-152 GinaandDo1-156 GinaandDo1-160 GinaandDo1-184 GinaandDo1-203 GinaandDo1-216

2 thoughts on “gina + do │ engagement │ kerry park, seattle, wa

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