gayle + kelly = married │ hollywood schoolhouse │ woodinville, wa

I’m excited to share my friends Gayle and Kelly’s big day!

I met Gayle and Kelly playing soccer over the past year and a half or so. I’m so happy I had the chance to capture their special day.

Big big big thanks to Sang Cho for his great help.

GayleandKelly-33 GayleandKelly-40 GayleandKelly-42 GayleandKelly-48 GayleandKelly-55 GayleandKelly-63 GayleandKelly-68 GayleandKelly-80 GayleandKelly-82 GayleandKelly-84 GayleandKelly-103 GayleandKelly-111 GayleandKelly-115 GayleandKelly-128 GayleandKelly-132 GayleandKelly-148 GayleandKelly-155 GayleandKelly-157 GayleandKelly-168 GayleandKelly-182 GayleandKelly-185 GayleandKelly-196 GayleandKelly-211 GayleandKelly-219 GayleandKelly-227 GayleandKelly-250 GayleandKelly-260 GayleandKelly-261 GayleandKelly-272 GayleandKelly-278 GayleandKelly-280 GayleandKelly-293 GayleandKelly-300 GayleandKelly-312 GayleandKelly-328 GayleandKelly-339 GayleandKelly-355 GayleandKelly-363 GayleandKelly-407 GayleandKelly-414 GayleandKelly-428 GayleandKelly-477 GayleandKelly-488 GayleandKelly-522 GayleandKelly-531 GayleandKelly-535 GayleandKelly-539 GayleandKelly-549 GayleandKelly-559 GayleandKelly-575 GayleandKelly-583 GayleandKelly-584 GayleandKelly-596 GayleandKelly-601 GayleandKelly-643

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