jenn + tim = married │ lord hill farms │ snohomish, wa

March 9th never looked prettier. Gorgeous blue skies out in Snohomish at Lord Hill Farms. We got so lucky with the weather.

I’m so thankful I had the chance to work with Jenn and Tim and capture their big day. They are so fun, and I loved loved loved Jenn’s decorating ideas!

Wishing them all the best of love and happiness = )

A big big thanks to Mike Fiechtner Photography for his amazing help, some of his images are included in this blog post. Check out his newly updated site for his amazing work!

You can see Jenn and Tim’s engagement session here

Jenn+Tim=Married-2 Jenn+Tim=Married-7 Jenn+Tim=Married-15 Jenn+Tim=Married-16 Jenn+Tim=Married-25 Jenn+Tim=Married-43 Jenn+Tim=Married-49 Jenn+Tim=Married-53 Jenn+Tim=Married-56 Jenn+Tim=Married-64 Jenn+Tim=Married-87 Jenn+Tim=Married-112 Jenn+Tim=Married-121 Jenn+Tim=Married-126 Jenn+Tim=Married-128 Jenn+Tim=Married-137 Jenn+Tim=Married-204 Jenn+Tim=Married-207 Jenn+Tim=Married-208 Jenn+Tim=Married-210 Jenn+Tim=Married-213 Jenn+Tim=Married-219 Jenn+Tim=Married-229 Jenn+Tim=Married-250 Jenn+Tim=Married-254 Jenn+Tim=Married-260 Jenn+Tim=Married-281 Jenn+Tim=Married-298 Jenn+Tim=Married-309 Jenn+Tim=Married-325 Jenn+Tim=Married-329 Jenn+Tim=Married-336 Jenn+Tim=Married-344 Jenn+Tim=Married-347 Jenn+Tim=Married-355 Jenn+Tim=Married-358 Jenn+Tim=Married-368 Jenn+Tim=Married-375 Jenn+Tim=Married-385 Jenn+Tim=Married-393 Jenn+Tim=Married-420 Jenn+Tim=Married-423 Jenn+Tim=Married-429 Jenn+Tim=Married-438 Jenn+Tim=Married-453 Jenn+Tim=Married-463 Jenn+Tim=Married-470 Jenn+Tim=Married-486 Jenn+Tim=Married-493 Jenn+Tim=Married-496 Jenn+Tim=Married-501 Jenn+Tim=Married-513 Jenn+Tim=Married-537 Jenn+Tim=Married-542 Jenn+Tim=Married-558 Jenn+Tim=Married-642 Jenn+Tim=Married-662 Jenn+Tim=Married-675 Jenn+Tim=Married-687 Jenn+Tim=Married-692 Jenn+Tim=Married-702 Jenn+Tim=Married-713 Jenn+Tim=Married-795 Jenn+Tim=Married-811 Jenn+Tim=Married-813 Jenn+Tim=Married-838 Jenn+Tim=Married-839 Jenn+Tim=Married-849 Jenn+Tim=Married-852 Jenn+Tim=Married-862 Jenn+Tim=Married-877 Jenn+Tim=Married-887 Jenn+Tim=Married-892 Jenn+Tim=Married-931 Jenn+Tim=Married-937 Jenn+Tim=Married-967 Jenn+Tim=Married-975 Jenn+Tim=Married-1002 Jenn+Tim=Married-1010 Jenn+Tim=Married-1017 Jenn+Tim=Married-1107 Jenn+Tim=Married-1111 Jenn+Tim=Married-1114 Jenn+Tim=Married-1144 Jenn+Tim=Married-1150 Jenn+Tim=Married-1159

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