megan + erik │ engagement │ discovery park, seattle, wa

A few weeks back I got to photograph Megan and Erik’s engagement at the amazingly gorgeous Discovery Park.

We had a blast hiking around the park with their dog Max- who is so fun to photograph.

I can’t wait to capture their big day this coming August!


MeganandErikEngagement-2 MeganandErikEngagement-6 MeganandErikEngagement-18 MeganandErikEngagement-22 MeganandErikEngagement-34 MeganandErikEngagement-40 MeganandErikEngagement-49 MeganandErikEngagement-64 MeganandErikEngagement-73 MeganandErikEngagement-77 MeganandErikEngagement-83 MeganandErikEngagement-105 MeganandErikEngagement-121 MeganandErikEngagement-123 MeganandErikEngagement-131 MeganandErikEngagement-134 MeganandErikEngagement-146 MeganandErikEngagement-150 MeganandErikEngagement-157 MeganandErikEngagement-166 MeganandErikEngagement-174 MeganandErikEngagement-177 MeganandErikEngagement-187 MeganandErikEngagement-193 MeganandErikEngagement-200 MeganandErikEngagement-212 MeganandErikEngagement-220 MeganandErikEngagement-225MeganandErikEngagement-234MeganandErikEngagement-243MeganandErikEngagement-226MeganandErikEngagement-231

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