dolores + paul = married │ seattle, wa

The day after Valentine’s day was a gorgeous sunny day, and I met Paul and Dolores at Kerry Park for some pre-wedding photos. After the portrait session we reconnected at their venue, the Century Ballroom. The wedding was full of the closest friends and family, you could feel the comfort and love in the air.

A big congrats to Paul and Dolores on their nuptials!

paulanddoloreswedding-47paulanddoloreswedding-32paulanddoloreswedding-36paulanddoloreswedding-71 paulanddoloreswedding-85 paulanddoloreswedding-94 paulanddoloreswedding-101 paulanddoloreswedding-113paulanddoloreswedding-118 paulanddoloreswedding-120 paulanddoloreswedding-125 paulanddoloreswedding-140 paulanddoloreswedding-148 paulanddoloreswedding-156 paulanddoloreswedding-162 paulanddoloreswedding-168 paulanddoloreswedding-175 paulanddoloreswedding-178 paulanddoloreswedding-181 paulanddoloreswedding-182 paulanddoloreswedding-186 paulanddoloreswedding-200 paulanddoloreswedding-201 paulanddoloreswedding-203 paulanddoloreswedding-206 paulanddoloreswedding-211 paulanddoloreswedding-219 paulanddoloreswedding-222 paulanddoloreswedding-225 paulanddoloreswedding-226 paulanddoloreswedding-231 paulanddoloreswedding-237 paulanddoloreswedding-240 paulanddoloreswedding-243 paulanddoloreswedding-245 paulanddoloreswedding-251 paulanddoloreswedding-253 paulanddoloreswedding-254 paulanddoloreswedding-259 paulanddoloreswedding-291 paulanddoloreswedding-297 paulanddoloreswedding-313 paulanddoloreswedding-318 paulanddoloreswedding-321 paulanddoloreswedding-330 paulanddoloreswedding-337 paulanddoloreswedding-345 paulanddoloreswedding-351 paulanddoloreswedding-356 paulanddoloreswedding-361 paulanddoloreswedding-363 paulanddoloreswedding-373 paulanddoloreswedding-375

One thought on “dolores + paul = married │ seattle, wa

  1. Great pictures, Jane! Thanks so much for putting up with our flakiness as the Big Day approached… we wound up getting awesome weather and you did a terrific job. Can’t wait for the disc to arrive! 🙂

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