the tangen family │ family portraits │ Kelsey Creek Farm

Wandering around Kelsey Creek Farm with this family was a blast!
We also got super lucky with weather, as it started to hail and rain as we left the farm.


the tangens-2 the tangens-5 the tangens-10 the tangens-16 the tangens-31 the tangens-33 the tangens-34 the tangens-44 the tangens-50 the tangens-54 the tangens-59 the tangens-63 the tangens-73 the tangens-82 the tangens-89 the tangens-98 the tangens-104 the tangens-110 the tangens-115 the tangens-117 the tangens-125 the tangens-128 the tangens-134 the tangens-141 the tangens-146 the tangens-150 the tangens-157 the tangens-162 the tangens-166 the tangens-168 the tangens-170 the tangens-174 the tangens-175 the tangens-177 the tangens-179 the tangens-186 the tangens-187 the tangens-191 the tangens-196 the tangens-199 the tangens-204 the tangens-206 the tangens-207 the tangens-210 the tangens-211 the tangens-213 the tangens-215

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