janna + ryan │ engagement │ lake kachess, wa

Snow + Sunshine = such a fun shoot!

A few weeks back, soon to be Bride and Groom, Janna and Ryan– headed up to Lake Kachess for some engagement photo fun~

The weather was amazing, and I can’t wait to photograph their big day this coming June!

Big thanks to Sang Cho of SHC Photography for his tremendous help~

janna+ryan-engaged-2 janna+ryan-engaged-4 janna+ryan-engaged-15 janna+ryan-engaged-21 janna+ryan-engaged-29 janna+ryan-engaged-31 janna+ryan-engaged-38 janna+ryan-engaged-44 janna+ryan-engaged-47 janna+ryan-engaged-50 janna+ryan-engaged-56 janna+ryan-engaged-61 janna+ryan-engaged-64 janna+ryan-engaged-71 janna+ryan-engaged-76 janna+ryan-engaged-91 janna+ryan-engaged-95 janna+ryan-engaged-104 janna+ryan-engaged-109 janna+ryan-engaged-112 janna+ryan-engaged-122 janna+ryan-engaged-135 janna+ryan-engaged-140 janna+ryan-engaged-143 janna+ryan-engaged-154 janna+ryan-engaged-157 janna+ryan-engaged-162 janna+ryan-engaged-170 janna+ryan-engaged-185 janna+ryan-engaged-188 janna+ryan-engaged-192 janna+ryan-engaged-196 janna+ryan-engaged-206 janna+ryan-engaged-227 janna+ryan-engaged-246 janna+ryan-engaged-248 janna+ryan-engaged-250 janna+ryan-engaged-261 janna+ryan-engaged-267 janna+ryan-engaged-278 janna+ryan-engaged-282 janna+ryan-engaged-289 janna+ryan-engaged-301 janna+ryan-engaged-308 janna+ryan-engaged-315 janna+ryan-engaged-321

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