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Last summer my boyfriend and I flew out to Denver, Colorado to visit some close friends. That summer there were record high’s for forest fires, throughout the Colorado and Utah area. You’ll be able to see the haze in the sky in a lot of the photos.
After lots of hiking and fun, we rented a car and drove out to Moab, Utah.

Officially one of my favorite places on earth.

Speechless beauty.

From Moab, we drove up to Park City to visit some more friends for the 4th of July, and ended our trip at a Sounders game in Salt Lake City.

Awesome trip, so much fun.

Here’s a ton of photos = ) :

First off meet my friend’s dog Boji: (so cute!)

DenverMoab2012-3 DenverMoab2012-5 DenverMoab2012-13 DenverMoab2012-15 DenverMoab2012-16 DenverMoab2012-18 DenverMoab2012-20 DenverMoab2012-22 DenverMoab2012-25 DenverMoab2012-26 DenverMoab2012-29 DenverMoab2012-31 DenverMoab2012-33 DenverMoab2012-35 DenverMoab2012-37

On our way up to Mt. Evans:DenverMoab2012-39 DenverMoab2012-41 DenverMoab2012-42 DenverMoab2012-45 DenverMoab2012-47 DenverMoab2012-49 DenverMoab2012-50 DenverMoab2012-53 DenverMoab2012-55 DenverMoab2012-57 DenverMoab2012-60 DenverMoab2012-66 DenverMoab2012-69 DenverMoab2012-71 DenverMoab2012-74 DenverMoab2012-79 DenverMoab2012-91 DenverMoab2012-97 DenverMoab2012-107 DenverMoab2012-108 DenverMoab2012-110 DenverMoab2012-112 DenverMoab2012-116 DenverMoab2012-119

The so-called “Asian Beetle” became rampant throughout the Rocky Mountains, you can see how many of the trees were affected:DenverMoab2012-123 DenverMoab2012-124 DenverMoab2012-126 DenverMoab2012-130 DenverMoab2012-133 DenverMoab2012-135 DenverMoab2012-136 DenverMoab2012-138 DenverMoab2012-142 DenverMoab2012-146 DenverMoab2012-147 DenverMoab2012-149DenverMoab2012-4 DenverMoab2012-12 DenverMoab2012-33 DenverMoab2012-52 DenverMoab2012-59 DenverMoab2012-67 DenverMoab2012-73 DenverMoab2012-75 DenverMoab2012-92 DenverMoab2012-102 DenverMoab2012-113 DenverMoab2012-116 DenverMoab2012-122 DenverMoab2012-132 DenverMoab2012-135DenverMoab2012-1 DenverMoab2012-7 DenverMoab2012-12 DenverMoab2012-18 DenverMoab2012-21 DenverMoab2012-26 DenverMoab2012-42 DenverMoab2012-48 DenverMoab2012-49 DenverMoab2012-50 DenverMoab2012-58

The affect of the fires throughout the area can be seen in this sunset photo, the sky became bright red:
DenverMoab2012-60 DenverMoab2012-64 DenverMoab2012-67 DenverMoab2012-68 DenverMoab2012-69 DenverMoab2012-75 DenverMoab2012-90 DenverMoab2012-92 DenverMoab2012-96DenverMoab2012-2 DenverMoab2012-3 DenverMoab2012-5 DenverMoab2012-6 DenverMoab2012-8 DenverMoab2012-10 DenverMoab2012-12 DenverMoab2012-14 DenverMoab2012-15 DenverMoab2012-16 DenverMoab2012-17 DenverMoab2012-21 DenverMoab2012-24 DenverMoab2012-29

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