elizabeth + eric = married │ horizon church, seattle, wa

Nothing like getting married right before the new year! I am so happy I had the chance to photograph Elizabeth and Eric’s wedding. It was so cozy and special. Congrats and Happy New Year!

ElizabethandEric-2 ElizabethandEric-5 ElizabethandEric-7 ElizabethandEric-11 ElizabethandEric-12 ElizabethandEric-15 ElizabethandEric-18 ElizabethandEric-20 ElizabethandEric-21 ElizabethandEric-23 ElizabethandEric-24 ElizabethandEric-26 ElizabethandEric-28 ElizabethandEric-31 ElizabethandEric-35 ElizabethandEric-36 ElizabethandEric-40 ElizabethandEric-42 ElizabethandEric-44 ElizabethandEric-50 ElizabethandEric-56 ElizabethandEric-57 ElizabethandEric-67 ElizabethandEric-72 ElizabethandEric-79 ElizabethandEric-80 ElizabethandEric-81 ElizabethandEric-85 ElizabethandEric-94 ElizabethandEric-98 ElizabethandEric-101 ElizabethandEric-106 ElizabethandEric-108 ElizabethandEric-109 ElizabethandEric-111 ElizabethandEric-114 ElizabethandEric-118 ElizabethandEric-127 ElizabethandEric-154 ElizabethandEric-170 ElizabethandEric-172 ElizabethandEric-174 ElizabethandEric-179 ElizabethandEric-182 ElizabethandEric-184 ElizabethandEric-189

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