jaclynn + joe │ an engagement

She came to Seattle to visit a friend.
Just 24 hours later her boyfriend surprised her, flying into Seattle to propose to her at the Fairmont Hotel.

Congrats Jaclynn and Joe!

JoeandJaclynn-3 JoeandJaclynn-6 JoeandJaclynn-10 JoeandJaclynn-14 JoeandJaclynn-17 JoeandJaclynn-20 JoeandJaclynn-24 JoeandJaclynn-25 JoeandJaclynn-28 JoeandJaclynn-29 JoeandJaclynn-34 JoeandJaclynn-40 JoeandJaclynn-43 JoeandJaclynn-48 JoeandJaclynn-57 JoeandJaclynn-59 JoeandJaclynn-64 JoeandJaclynn-67 JoeandJaclynn-70 JoeandJaclynn-72 JoeandJaclynn-76 JoeandJaclynn-80 JoeandJaclynn-82 JoeandJaclynn-89 JoeandJaclynn-92 JoeandJaclynn-95 JoeandJaclynn-97

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