sara + chris │ an engagement

I love being able to capture a moment, and really help be part of something special.

Chris asked me to photograph his proposal a few weeks back and I’m so happy I had the chance!

The expression on Sara’s face tells it all. Such an adorable, sweet couple, I’m so excited to share these photos from their engagement:

ChrisandSara-1 ChrisandSara-3 ChrisandSara-6 ChrisandSara-7 ChrisandSara-8 ChrisandSara-10 ChrisandSara-16ChrisandSara-12 ChrisandSara-13ChrisandSara-20 ChrisandSara-24 ChrisandSara-25 ChrisandSara-27 ChrisandSara-29 ChrisandSara-32 ChrisandSara-38 ChrisandSara-41 ChrisandSara-42 ChrisandSara-43 ChrisandSara-45 ChrisandSara-47 ChrisandSara-51 ChrisandSara-58 ChrisandSara-62 ChrisandSara-67 ChrisandSara-70 ChrisandSara-72 ChrisandSara-74 ChrisandSara-76 ChrisandSara-77 ChrisandSara-79 ChrisandSara-81 ChrisandSara-86 ChrisandSara-88 ChrisandSara-95

One thought on “sara + chris │ an engagement

  1. Jane, you are so amazing at what you do! Thank you so much for photographing our engagement. You are the best! We are so thankful you were there to capture our special day – it means the world!

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