US Women’s National Team vs. Ireland :: Friendly :: Jeld Wen Field, Portland, OR

Last time I was at Jeld Wen Field, it was called Civic Stadium, and it was June 6th, 1999 for the NIKE Road to Pasadena “Send-Off” match. USA took on Canada and it was the first ever women’s game televised on ABC. The greats like Mia Hamm, Michelle Akers, Julie Foudy, and Kristine Lilly played that day.
Now 13 years later, the women’s sport has grown tremendously throughout the country and the world and as many who know me, I’m a big big fan = ).
I’ll never forget it, and what a full circle. Wednesday, November 28th, 2012, my dream came true, to photograph USWNT vs. Ireland at the same field, now called Jeld Wen. The greats of Abby Wambach, Alex Morgan, Hope Solo and Christine Rampone right in front of me playing with the passion and determination that I’ve followed for years thru the TV. I’m tremendously thankful to have had a chance to photograph them, and hope there are more chances to come.

USWNT won 5-0 over Ireland with a hat-trick by Alex Morgan, and 2 goals by Sydney Leroux. With about 11,000 fans in attendance on a Wednesday night in Portland, it was a good time = ).

Here are my photos from the match:

705105_10100358817319270_1354063436_oUSWNTvsIrelandPDX-5USWNTvsIrelandPDX-4USWNTvsIrelandPDX-3USWNTvsIrelandPDX-5USWNTvsIrelandPDX-6USWNTvsIrelandPDX-4USWNTvsIrelandPDX-8 USWNTvsIrelandPDX-9USWNTvsIrelandPDX-15USWNTvsIrelandPDX-14USWNTvsIrelandPDX-22USWNTvsIrelandPDX-25USWNTvsIrelandPDX-28USWNTvsIrelandPDX-7USWNTvsIrelandPDX-8USWNTvsIrelandPDX-12USWNTvsIrelandPDX-14USWNTvsIrelandPDX-37USWNTvsIrelandPDX-39USWNTvsIrelandPDX-42USWNTvsIrelandPDX-15USWNTvsIrelandPDX-17USWNTvsIrelandPDX-21USWNTvsIrelandPDX-61USWNTvsIrelandPDX-44USWNTvsIrelandPDX-46USWNTvsIrelandPDX-79USWNTvsIrelandPDX-22USWNTvsIrelandPDX-26USWNTvsIrelandPDX-81USWNTvsIrelandPDX-30USWNTvsIrelandPDX-82USWNTvsIrelandPDX-83USWNTvsIrelandPDX-1USWNTvsIrelandPDX-8USWNTvsIrelandPDX-4USWNTvsIrelandPDX-9USWNTvsIrelandPDX-10USWNTvsIrelandPDX-12USWNTvsIrelandPDX-14USWNTvsIrelandPDX-33USWNTvsIrelandPDX-33USWNTvsIrelandPDX-34USWNTvsIrelandPDX-16USWNTvsIrelandPDX-19USWNTvsIrelandPDX-21USWNTvsIrelandPDX-22USWNTvsIrelandPDX-23USWNTvsIrelandPDX-25USWNTvsIrelandPDX-26USWNTvsIrelandPDX-35USWNTvsIrelandPDX-37USWNTvsIrelandPDX-38USWNTvsIrelandPDX-44USWNTvsIrelandPDX-45USWNTvsIrelandPDX-43USWNTvsIrelandPDX-46USWNTvsIrelandPDX-49USWNTvsIrelandPDX-50USWNTvsIrelandPDX-54USWNTvsIrelandPDX-53USWNTvsIrelandPDX-55USWNTvsIrelandPDX-58USWNTvsIrelandPDX-1USWNTvsIrelandPDX-4USWNTvsIrelandPDX-8USWNTvsIrelandPDX-5USWNTvsIrelandPDX-3USWNTvsIrelandPDX-10USWNTvsIrelandPDX-9USWNTvsIrelandPDX-11USWNTvsIrelandPDX-12USWNTvsIrelandPDX-15USWNTvsIrelandPDX-13USWNTvsIrelandPDX-16USWNTvsIrelandPDX-17USWNTvsIrelandPDX-40USWNTvsIrelandPDX-41USWNTvsIrelandPDX-36

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