Seahawks vs. Packers [09.24.2012] :: Week 2

I’ve been trying to think of how to describe last night in words, and I’m thankful to say I’m a photographer not a writer.

It was crazy, confusing, nuts, AWESOME, and insane.

As a photographer down on the field- getting to rush the field 3 times in one game was absolute chaos. As some have described, I attempted at ‘bobbing and weaving’ thru the crowds of players and photographers and media to get certain shots. I succeeded at getting Aaron Rodgers, till his coached waved me off saying, “The games not over! Get off the field!” Realizing I’m in the middle of the field and the players are coming back on to ‘finish’ the game, I run in the middle of the field back to the end zone. So awkward ahha.

No matter the drama of the game, it was incredible and amazing. Thankful to have this opportunity to photograph the season, very thankful.


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