SOUNDERS FC: Sounders vs. Columbus Crew [ 05.23.2012 ] Part 1

Last nights game was exhausting, obnoxious and disappointing.

With Columbus flopping on the ground cramping every other minute, and our disconnected plays up top.. it became a disaster.

Both goals silenced the stadium immediately, as our hopes for a win started to dwindle. The Fredy and Eddie combo just wasn’t clicking; and I really think having Estrada up top would be more beneficial than him on the wing, since we learned at the beginning of the season- him being a striker is productive. He starts to disappear or have more difficulty driving down the wing with some of the bigger opponents on defense.

We continued to hover outside the box and didn’t drive and carry the momentum towards the goal. It got repetitive and frustrating. You could see that frustration in Fredy’s reactions and plays, he wanted to score so bad and it didn’t seem that he had the support behind him.

Hopefully this passes, I’m excited to see how we play against Chivas this Saturday at 7:30pm.

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