Hope Solo Signs with Sounders Women

Big news came to Seattle yesterday, big news that I am still jumping for joy about. Hope Solo has signed with the local Sounders Women team. More details from the Seattle Times here.

I’ve looked up to Hope for years and years, and am soo excited to have her playing here in Seattle.  What this means for soccer in Seattle is huge. The impact the Sounders men had on this city is obviously outstanding, and even with the Sounders Women being in a lower division, the influence it will have for girls and women growing up playing soccer and uniting people with the sport.. well lets just say I’m excited to see the city rally around the team.

Support your Sounders Women here!

One thought on “Hope Solo Signs with Sounders Women

  1. I already bought my season tickets to the Sounders Women. I can’t wait to watch Sydney, Alex and Hope and the rest of the team play. I hope the publicity from these signings bring them the fans they so richly deserve. I wish the signings had been for more than one season, but I understand the hesitance when the previous attendance at Sounders Women’s games seldom topped 500 per match. Hard to afford those salaries on that. I’ve been to a few USWNT games this year, and the quality of play is amazing.
    Fantastic picture!

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